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Facts about Action Actor education and professional training

  • One year - full time over two semesters. Each semester cost 55.000,- NOK
  • This education is qualified as higher education with 60 ECTS Credits
  • You learn among some of the world's best within in the subject. The teachers work and have worked on many major film and TV productions!
  • Once you have been accepted to ISA, you can apply for financial support and grants in your country.
  • Education provides international career opportunities.
  • Good personal effort is required! - 100% Commitment
  • The school provides a very good student environment with accommodation and social activities
  • 1500 hours of training, film productions and teaching over one year! 300 of these hours are dedicated for self- and team training at the school.
  • Students also learn a lot from each other as students possess different backgrounds and skills.
  • Every year ISA provides with a study tour to unique places and location`s filled with action and stunts
  • During the school year the student get to work on several action act film production.

Important info: After you have submitted your application for the physical audition, it is important that you check your e-mail (and spam filter) as we will contact you to reserve your place.

Further process for digital audition:

1. Upload and submit the digital audition form

You will receive several emails in the coming days from ISA, so check your email and spam filter regularly 

2. After we have recieved your submitted form, you will get an invitation to a digital interview hosted by the principal of ISA.

3. Within 3 days after the interview you will receive an answer on your application.

"We make Heroes"

- John Smith, Founder of ISA -